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PPP Green Complex, Thailand’s 1st Comprehensive Oil Well.

PPP Green Complex is a joint venture company between 3 leaders in the palm-based biodiesel industry in Thailand.

First is PTG Energy Public Limited, one of the leading petroleum retailers in Thailand, with up to 1,800 petroleum retail stations nationwide.
Second is ThaChang Palm Oil Industry Limited, one of the biggest palm oil mills in Thailand with decades of experience.
Third is RD Kasetpattana, a palm seedling manufacturer with one of the highest amount of reach in the palm plantation industry in Thailand.

Located at Bangsaphan Noi, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, the heart of the palm plantations in Thailand, the Company is strategically situated 30 km away from the SahaWiriya Gulf Port, 185 km away from Ranong’s Andaman Port, and just next to Thailand’s future high-speed railway system.

PPP Green Complex is made up of 6 main business units:

  1. The Palm Oil Mill unit: able to consume up to 2,160 tons of palm fresh fruit bunches per day to produce approximately 380 tons of crude palm oil per day.
  2. The Palm Oil Refinery unit: able to consume 600 tons of crude palm oil per day, to produce approximately 570 tons of refined palm oil per day, as well as 30 tons of palm fatty acid distillate per day. The Refinery unit is also capable to consume 300 tons of refined palm oil per day to produce 240 tons of premium grade edible vegetable oil per day, as well as 60 tons of food grade stearin per day.
  3. The Biodiesel Distillation unit: able to produce 450 tons of distilled biodiesel per day, as well as 45 tons of crude glycerin as by-product.
  4. The Glycerin Purification unit: able to produce 55 tons of pharma grade glycerin per day.
  5. The Biomass and Biogas Power Plant unit: makes use of the excess biomass and biogas from the Palm Oil Mill unit to produce 7MW of electricity.
  6. The Tank Farm: PPP Green Complex has a total of 50 tanks in the plant which store PPP’s wide variety of products up to a total storage capacity of 100,000 tons. This allows PPP Green Complex to secure its feedstock up to as long as 3 months of biodiesel production
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PPP Green Complex.
A truly zero waste palm complex,
Thailand’s 1st comprehensive oil well”